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Food for the intellect

The original fEAST - (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) was an initiative founded in Brooklyn in 2009 as a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging artists. The original event was a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to fund art exhibitions. The concept being so innovative and indeed sustainable, was implemented by several other groups across the United States. It has now been adapted for our local climate and is being presented as a new salon series that seeks to bring people together over art + culture + conversation to create social change.


The Salon
A salon is a conversational gathering in an intimate setting over food and art. Salons build community, stimulate great conversation and connect us to each other. They also awaken our curiosity and encourage us to pause and listen to those around us - making the salon experience the perfect setting for sharing ideas of how we can change our world for the better. 


The Event 

The event is set to be hosted by our founder Kevon Gareth Foderingham, here at East Yard, and will feature artists, activists, thought leaders and trailblazers in conversation with Kevon, offering attendees the opportunity to support and learn from these innovators and change makers whose creative work, causes and social impact campaigns are making a real difference.

The primary purpose of ‘fEAST with Kevon’, is to bring together the general public in an intimate setting over food and art to create cultural awareness and foster change. Working hand-in-hand with the very best local established and upcoming artists, activists, causes, movements and social impact campaigns - the aim is to not only introduce and amplify the work they are doing but to also be a catalyst for expanding their professional and social networks, fostering local, regional and global partnerships, alliances, curated projects, collaborations and initiatives that inspire and drive change.


By bringing to the table the cultural industries, public, private and civil sectors together with the everyday man, to break bread while imbibing culture and ground breaking ideas is our contribution to healing our world.

Giving Back

Each month one non-profit organization or creative social enterprise whose work most represents the theme and has a proven track record will be invited to work alongside our team to develop the evening’s programming. A representative from the organization/enterprise will be invited as one of the speakers and a portion of the proceeds from the evening will be made as a donation to that organization/enterprise.

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