Honing Your Skills

Recognizing the importance of creative skill development and capacity building, EAST YARD is dedicated to making a lasting impact through offering artistic  education opportunities for young people and professional development courses for adults. We believe that arts and culture make an invaluable contribution to the education and personal development of all people. Learn more about our ongoing learning initiatives and take the opportunity to sharpen your skills.



neXt - a collaboration between The Art Of Experimentation and East Yard is an initiative aimed at building the capacity of 10 local artists age 60+ in learning, using and developing their social media presence and brands, through collaborating with younger artists who are more social media savvy and participating in guided brand building and personal development initiatives led by creative professionals. neXt is a ten month digital deep dive that runs from April to December 2021.

Contribution: $1,250 ($125 per month)

For More Info: The Art of Experimentation

Contact: Lauryn Marin 868-745-8033

Email: lezama.99success@gmail.com


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