Creative 'People Power'

What does my membership do for EAST YARD?

EAST YARD is a multidisciplinary physical and virtual platform and social enterprise that seeks to shine a targeted spotlight on Trinidad and Tobago works of art, literature, fashion, film, music, theater, cuisine and design being produced by

up-and-coming artists and those from marginalized and under-represented communities.

EAST YARD Membership supports our ability to exhibit the work of new artists and the wide-ranging community murals  programming we offer to the communities in East Trinidad all year round.

From talks, professional development

workshops to screenings, performances, and artist residencies, EAST YARD is committed to serving its membership and the wider community through east engagement, exchange, and education, across all demographics; your contribution as a member helps us to achieve our programming goals. Your membership also supports EAST YARD's ongoing participation in national and international conversations and critical dialogues. Thank you for being a part of our community

What does my membership do for me?

  1. All members receive invitations to EAST YARD event openings.

  2. Free member creative professional development activities.

  3. 25% off on rental of any EAST YARD space

  4. 25% off registration fees for non-member workshops at EAST YARD

  5. 25% off on any EY Creative service offering 

  6. 10% off of purchases at East Gourmet and East Studio

  7. For visual artists - the opportunity to participate in our annual members exhibition

  8. And more... 

EAST YARD Membership costs TTD $100 per year and expires on December 31st of each year. 

How do I become a member?

  1. Option One: Complete our online registration form. Electronic payment instructions will be sent after submission. 

  2. Option Two: Come by EAST YARD to fill out a form and make your payment in person. Cash and cheque accepted.