EAST TALKS - Meet Aadel Chin-Albert

The EAST YARD Interview Series

Meet Aadel Chin-Albert. He's a graphic artist and designer of

fashion brand, God Save The Creative.

EY: Was Graphic Design always your intended career path?

Aadel: Absolutely. I've been drawing ever since I was a child and I had the opportunity to get into Graphic Design when I was 17. I never looked back.


EY: Why did you choose to embark on a fashion business venture?

Aadel: I got interested in fashion when I was 11. I would watch Style with Elsa Klensch every evening after school. When the designers came onto the runway after their presentation, I knew that's what/who I wanted to be.


EY: How did you come up with the name of your brand - God Save The Creative?

Aadel: I was working at an advertising agency. It was a tough gig. Very frustrating work. One day while doodling at my desk to calm my mind, the name just came to me. The job of the creative is difficult but rewarding when you let go and be true.


EY: Would you describe the work you're doing as wearable art?

Aadel: Yes, I would. Everything I do comes from everything that I've experienced in life. from music, literature, art, history, philosophy, people I've met. And I believe that's where art comes from; your substance; your vibe; your involvement in the world around you; the ingredients that make you...you.


EY: You attended high school in Arima and now you live here. What's the one thing you love most about the Borough?

Aadel: Yes, I attended Holy Cross College. I love Arima's energy. It's parallel to none.

EY: What tips would you give to someone wanting to start a fashion business?

Aadel: Passion is a key ingredient. You need to be enamored with it. On the days you don't feel like working, do something anyway. Good ideas don't pop up without effort. It's in the process of the work that things evolve, take on new shapes and birth inspiration. There is a space for everyone.


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