EAST TALKS - Meet Aaron Phillip

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Photo: Michael Forest

The EAST YARD Interview Series

Meet Aaron Phillip, he's a budding theatre maker

with a passion for fashion and an eye for style.

EY: Describe your journey thus far as a creative.

Aaron: Well I mean...I don't consider myself a "creative," I'm an artist but my journey has been an interesting one to say the least and I always say it has been very short and packed. It would have started with theatre as a whole then branched off into other areas of art and culture and really crafted me as a person. I started around 2016 then focused on theatre in school from then to now.

So those years were the vital years that started the journey. Soon after, because of theatre I would have added filming, fashion and carnival among other things on this ongoing journey.


EY: Why did you choose to pursue theatre?

Aaron: I always had the potential pursuit of acting in my head from an early age. Eventually doing theatre in school and being heavily involved in acting, then there was a moment where I definitely knew I had to pursue theatre. I can't say the exact moment but it was understood in myself that this had to happen.

Photo: Saf


EY: We know you're also interested in fashion, how do you think it can be used as a force for good?

Aaron: Fashion can be used as a force for good in the way certain things are portrayed, what clothing is made with, community initiatives, literal positive images and many more.

Basically fashion once used for that sole purpose of "good" everything will begin to flow. So you find yourself for example having a community fashion show using only recyclable items and team members must be of all ages.


EY: What part of East Trinidad are you from and what for you is the best part of being from the East?

Aaron: I am from Arouca and the best part is the location, the ease of access to the rest of the country. I believe we are in the best place or at least where I am specifically.


EY: Any tips for other up-and-coming artists?

Aaron: Always keep adding to your portfolio as an artist whether it be makeup art, tattoo art, fashion - always say yes to yourself and ensure you give each art adequate attention and energy.

Also create for you when you can, forget rules and guidelines. Focus on building you as an artist and your personal style.


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