Expanding Access to Caribbean and Diaspora Art

East Yard continues making strides in expanding access to art from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and diaspora in regions where there is currently less access. Through partnerships with overseas non-conventional exhibition spaces and creative enterprises we are energizing the field of art from the Caribbean and its diaspora by exhibiting and activating works of art in exciting and innovative ways. 

With particular emphasis on showcasing the work of artists from marginalized communities, our objectives are to:

  1. Make the consumption and experience of Caribbean art more widespread

  2. Revolutionize the way Caribbean art is exhibited and shared with foreign publics

  3. Partner with overseas institutions interested in  deepening their connection with local BIPOC, immigrant and Caribbean diaspora audiences and their communities

  4. Inspire institutions to further open their spaces and programs to BIPOC, immigrant and Caribbean diaspora artists

  5. Connect institutions of varying sizes and scopes in collaborative partnerships that provide opportunities for professional development of BIPOC, immigrant and Caribbean diaspora artists.