“She Is…” 

EAST YARD is inviting submissions for our
Exhibition: “She Is…” to be held from 
18th February – 4th March 2022.

EAST YARD is excited to invite submissions for our exhibition “She Is…” inspired by “SHElter” the upcoming Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago campaign which seeks to inform the general public about the relationship between women’s ownership of land to economic empowerment, food security and poverty reduction. Habitat’s ‘SHElter’ campaign includes a petition to generate 4000 signatures in support of more private, public and civil sector facilities, educational opportunities, resources and programs to be made available for the empowerment of women to become landowners.


For women, land rights means a more equal power within the home and community, and ability to realize economic opportunity and legal rights. According to a 2020 global survey, one in five women feels insecure about her land and property rights. Ownership and control over assets that support income lie at the very heart of women’s economic empowerment and their ability to contribute to local, national, and global economies.

Evidence suggests that increasing women’s access to land and natural resources, and participation in agricultural value chains can have a positive impact on women’s agency, household productivity and income, responsible spending, and food security. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, if women had the same access to productive resources as men, farm output would increase by 20 to 30 percent.

EAST YARD welcomes submissions that contribute to our shared belief that regardless of gender - stronger rights for women and girls means more prosperity, peace, and sustainability. We invite artwork that supports the narrative that the improvement of women’s overall access to critical resources (including land ownership) is key to addressing barriers that restrict their ability to reach their full economic potential. We invite you to tell a story that centers on increasing women’s participation in the workforce and supporting women's entrepreneurship.

Work Cited

LandLinks. “Women's Land Rights and Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) Overview.” LandLinks, 4 March 2021, Accessed 28 January 2022.

The Selection Process

EAST YARD’s committee will select artwork for ‘She Is…’ the Exhibition. EAST YARD’s selections will be final. Work will either be displayed in East Studio or in our For Common Good Room gallery spaces. 


Terms and Conditions

  1. Only citizens of Trinidad and Tobago can submit pieces for consideration.  

  2. Artists can submit up to two (2) pieces of work. Work from early to mid-career artists is welcome and can be in any medium including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and other 3D, prints, digital art or any other still visual medium.

  3. The work submitted must in no way contain imagery or messaging deemed inflammatory, discriminatory or promoting violence. 

  4. 2D entries must be no wider than 48 inches. 3D entries must weigh no more than 25 pounds. All SELECTED hanging art should be able to be installed on standard walls without specialized or heavy-duty hanging hardware. SELECTED Pieces should be framed and ready to hang.  

  5. It is the responsibility of the artist to insure their pieces door to door. EAST YARD is however committed to making every effort to safeguard and handle with care, all artworks delivered. 

  6. Artworks in the exhibition will be publicly listed for sale, or can be listed as Not for Sale, based on the artist’s instructions. Upon selection, the artist will be asked to submit the price they wish the piece to be sold for. If Sold, EAST YARD retains 25% commission.

  7. Submission images and final, selected artworks will be used in any and all promotion of She Is... This includes, but is not limited to print and online media; national news broadcasts, and institutional print, digital, and social media promotion. Other than these uses, copyright remains with the artist.

  8. EAST YARD will only accept submissions through still digital images. All images should be high resolution .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, or .PDF files around 300 dpi and less than 10MB.

  9. Submissions for consideration must be received by February 13th, 2022 before 11:59pm or will not be eligible for selection. Notification of selection will go out on February 14th, 2022. Selected artwork must then be delivered to EAST YARD by February 16th, 2022 before 5pm. 

  10. We ask that you please collect artwork within the window provided as we cannot store unclaimed work. 



  1. Submissions must be emailed to with the subject - She Is Submission

  2. Proof of TT citizenship (National ID or Passport) must be provided as an attachment 

  3. Artists must submit a brief Artist Statement (not exceeding 250 words)

  4. An explanation of each piece submitted (not exceeding 100 words per piece) must also be provided

  5. All images should be labeled in this format, last name (underscore) first name (underscore) title of piece (example: Brown_John_Phantasmagoria). Images must definitively reflect the artwork submitted.


By submitting an entry to EAST YARD’s, “She Is…” Exhibit the entrant acknowledges that he/she/they have read and accepted the below “Terms and Conditions” and that he/she/they is the artist and owns the rights to the work submitted. Entrant also acknowledges that all information on the registration and submission forms is true and correct to the best of his/her/their knowledge and understands that any incorrect or misrepresented information could result in submitted artwork being ruled ineligible.