What is for you was already for you...

Since leaving the corporate world in 2018 I set out on a quest to fully embrace life as a Creative Entrepreneur - a journey with which I assumed would bring much promise, peace and purpose to my life. Let's just say, things didn't go according to plan.

And it would take 3 and a half years of challenges, mistakes and what I would deem as failure to realize that if I wanted to pursue this work , I would have to do my most meaningful work yet - the self-work.

I thought that my love for this Creative field would be enough to sustain me but it wasn't until I began loving myself, honouring myself, prioritizing me and enforcing boundaries, that I started experiencing real joy and purpose in creating and helping others.

I had been so busy with being busy that my passion had become a burden and burn out became inevitable. It wasn't easy but I had to put everything on pause and begin focusing on me in order to achieve real success - inner peace.

Since being here (@_eaststudio) I've had the opportunity to learn more about myself. I've embraced new experiences and have reimagined my passion and the new path toward fulfilling my purpose. One of the aspects of the industry that I've been most passionate about has been the production of events & shows.

Last weekend we launched our repurposed East Studio as a space dedicated to micro events here at East Yard. And I have the privilege of doing what I love, for love. Our first event featured the Freetown Collective, a local band whose music I have grown to love and appreciate.

There is no greater feeling than knowing what is truly meant for you was destined for you long before you became you. I am grateful for all the lessons & experiences that led to this exact moment.

I am here for this journey and I'm happy that you’re on it with me…Till next time, stay learning, growing & creating.

- Dominique

Photo Credit : Jordon Briggs @jayjumper27 | https://www.jayjumper.com/

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