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Behind the Scenes

EAST YARD was founded in 2017 by Kevon Foderingham as a space managed by art education and promotion non-profit organization, CFAFF/FOR COMMON GOOD, with the mission to promote and increase access to visual and performing arts, music, fashion, film and more for residents of Arima and environs.

EAST YARD has since evolved into an independent entity with its incorporation as East Yard Enterprises in 2021, no longer managed by CFAFF/FOR COMMON GOOD but working alongside.

EAST YARD is a multidisciplinary physical and virtual arts platform and creative social enterprise that seeks to shine a targeted spotlight on Trinidad and Tobago works of art, literature, fashion, film, music, theater, cuisine and design being produced by up-and-coming artists and those from marginalized and under-represented communities.

Guided by the principles of inclusion, collaboration and innovation, EAST YARD encompasses but is not limited to the following:

  • EY Creative - Bespoke professional  services for arts practitioners and non-profit organizations wishing to incorporate innovative and creative arts tools into their programming. These services include but are not limited to creative business planning, marketing and brand strategy development, social media management and event management (virtual and on-site at EAST YARD).

  • De YARD - Our green backyard space available for intimate events at affordable rates.     

  • East Studio - An independent contemporary art gallery.

  • East Gourmet -  A specialty food, gift shop and cafe answering the call to revisit traditions.  

  • W's Uniforms - A longstanding sewing and craft supply store.