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East Yard Enterprises

"At the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness"




As a physical space - East Yard was launched in 2017 by Kevon Gareth Foderingham as a creative hub and project of his art education and promotion non-profit organization, CFAFF/For Common Good, with the mission to promote and increase access to visual and performing arts, music, fashion, film and more for residents of Arima and environs.


In 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, the need to streamline operations and the reality of the instability of donor funding for creative projects like East Yard, the decision was made to transform the project into an independent business entity, trading as East Yard Enterprises - no longer managed by CFAFF/For Common Good but working alongside.



Fast forward to 2022 and East Yard Enterprises (still branded as East Yard) has become a multi-pronged creative social enterprise, operating in the first instance as an integrated creative consultancy that provides public relations, marketing, project management, and events management services for NGOs, organizations and private businesses committed to balancing profit and purpose.
East Yard embraces its positioning at the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness and is committed to remaining active in our hometown, the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima and will continue to build upon the success of our community led mural projects and introduce more creative and social innovation learning and programs for the general public - with emphasis placed on training in Creative Social Entrepreneurship.

As part of the wider Caribbean creative community, East Yard is also making strides in  expanding access to art from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and diaspora in regions where there is currently less access by finding innovative ways to fund emerging artists and partnering with non-traditional creative spaces in other countries to exhibit and activate Caribbean works of art in exciting and innovative ways.


Kevon Gareth Foderingham


Founder and Principal Consultant

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“Born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago, I'm fearless, fun-loving and determined and I've chosen the moniker of arts for social change advocate. I'm the executive director of non-profit organization CFAFF/For Common Good; founder and principal consultant of East Yard Enterprises; a personal brand visioning coach; the designer of an apparel and accessories line; and an artist with a budding socially engaged practice. 

With almost 20 years of local, regional and international work experience in the hospitality, education, creative and non-profit sectors - over the years I've been involved with and led several projects in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean that have provided a foundation for arts and culture practitioners. Passionate about the arts, with a belief in the power of education and mission to connect people; In 2020 I launched a global platform created to support cultural diplomacy, build the capacity of cultural practitioners and promote social change through the arts, aptly dubbed For Common Good. I use my professional experience in marketing and communications and life coach training in my personal brand visioning practice - helping creative practitioners find and amplify the essence of their personal brands. It is this brand visioning work in particular that has been informing my socially engaged art practice dubbed 'The I AM Experiment,' and served as the basis of my first book, 'THINGS I LEARNED IN MY THIRTIES: Motivational Musings for Creative Millennials,' published in 2022.” - Kevon

East Yard is your one-stop creative consultancy that delivers sustainable and affordable integrated solutions that support NGOs, organizations and private businesses committed to balancing profit and purpose, who strive to make a difference in the world. 

From public relations to marketing, project management, and events management we develop creative strategy, content and campaigns that reach priority populations.

With a social ethos at the heart of our work we always aim to use business as a force for good. Part of our revenue goes into supporting our skill building programs such as ASET (Arts and Social Entrepreneurship Training); and community initiatives like our Community Mural Project; fEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics); and Exhibits Abroad.

NEW FIRE Festival Virtual Eco-Symposium

In April 2021, East Yard had the pleasure of being engaged by the Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Initiative (TTBI) to coordinate the NEW FIRE Festival Virtual Eco-Symposium - providing virtual event management, marketing roll out and social media management for the event.

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